Revolutionizing Bathrooms: DAYA’s Series O Thin Shower Tray – Efficiency Meets Durability

In the realm of modern bathrooms, thin shower trays have emerged as a game-changer, combining efficiency, durability, and safety in a sleek and minimalistic design. DAYA‘s Series O stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering wholesalers a prime opportunity to outsource a shower tray series that optimizes drainage efficiency, durability, and safety while maintaining a slim profile.

Embracing the Advantages of DAYA’s Series O

Efficient Drainage: Despite its slim 25mm profile, Series O boasts a centrally located drainer, ensuring optimal water drainage without compromising on strength or rigidity.

Durability Redefined: Crafted from high-quality stone resin materials, Series O guarantees durability, standing strong against daily wear and tear for long-lasting performance.

Low Profile, High Safety: The slimline design of DAYA’s Series O stone shower tray not only offers easy accessibility but also reduces the risk of accidents by minimizing tripping hazards.

Why Outsource DAYA’s Series O Thin Shower Tray

Innovative Efficiency: Series O’s ability to efficiently manage water drainage in a slim profile makes it a standout choice for modern bathrooms seeking efficiency without sacrificing style.

Reliability in Durability: The use of high-quality materials ensures that Series O withstands daily use and maintains its quality, assuring wholesalers and customers of its longevity.

Safety-Conscious Design: The low-profile design aligns with safety standards, offering easy access while significantly reducing the risk of accidents, enhancing customer satisfaction.


For wholesalers seeking to offer customers a blend of efficiency, durability, and safety in their shower tray offerings, DAYA’s Series O Thin Shower Tray presents an unparalleled opportunity. Its innovative design, durability, and safety features promise not just a functional addition but a transformative element that elevates and defines the modern bathroom experience.

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