Revolutionizing Grid Adaptability Testing with ActionPower’s Innovative Power Grid Simulator

Robust and dependable testing solutions are now essential in the dynamic field of power grid integration. With its ground-breaking Power Grid Simulator, ActionPower, a prominent participant in the power testing and simulation sector, has risen to the occasion and transformed the way power engineers approach grid adaptability testing.

Unleashing the Power of the HGS Grid Simulator

At the heart of ActionPower‘s offering is the HGS Grid Simulator, a cutting-edge power testing solution designed to push the boundaries of grid adaptability. This state-of-the-art simulator boasts a range of features that set it apart in the industry, including a 10kV full power output and unparalleled environmental adaptability.

Comprehensive Grid Adaptability Testing

The primary function of ActionPower’s Power Grid Simulator is to emulate real-world grid conditions, enabling power engineers to rigorously test the adaptability of green energy power stations connected to the 35kV/10kV grid. This comprehensive testing suite includes a voltage adaptability test, frequency adaptability test, three-phase voltage unbalance adaptability test, flicker adaptability test, harmonic/inter-harmonic adaptability test, and high/low voltage fault ride-through test.

Rugged and Resilient Design

Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, the HGS MV Grid Simulator features a container-based structure that meets the requirements for highway transportation. This innovative design allows the simulator to be deployed at various power stations, enabling field testing in harsh environments such as sandstorms, rain, and snow. The simulator’s heat dissipation air tube is specifically engineered to prevent the ingress of rainwater and sandstones, ensuring reliable operation even in the most challenging settings.

Scalable Power Capabilities

This ActionPower’s Power Grid Simulator also boasts a parallel function, allowing it to support a maximum capacity of 15MW. This scalability empowers power engineers to tackle a wide range of grid integration challenges, from small-scale systems to large-scale power networks.


ActionPower’s commitment to innovation and excellence in power testing solutions is a testament to the company’s vision and expertise. By providing power engineers with the tools they need to rigorously test the adaptability of green energy power stations, ActionPower is not only driving progress in the industry but also paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable power grid.

As the demand for renewable energy integration continues to grow, ActionPower’s Power Grid Simulator will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of grid adaptability testing. By empowering power engineers to unlock new levels of performance and reliability, ActionPower is poised to transform the way the world thinks about grid integration and the future of clean energy.

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