A Turbo for Warehouse Industry: Innovative ForwardX’s AMRs Solutions

According to automation picking solution industry leader ForwardX, the robotics sector will transform during the next five years when viewed as a whole. AMRs, in particular, are anticipated to be widely used in the robotics sector within the next three years, according to various studies that have recently been conducted. With its cutting-edge AMR devices, ForwardX Robotics is advancing technology and assisting the supply chain and warehousing sectors in increasing productivity and accelerating the goods-picking process. Industrial users worldwide know their superior technical capabilities and consistent product quality. Please take a look at the details of their innovative AMR products.

Trusted AMR Products from ForwardX

In various industries, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are used increasingly in logistics-related applications. Contrary to permanent material transport systems like conveyor belts, AMRs are not restricted to a specific path when moving throughout a facility. They can get directions on where to go next thanks to their wireless communication, onboard navigation, and visual recognition systems.

Without being programmed, AMRs can find their way to a given location and, if a barrier is encountered, can even choose a different route. By handling non-value-added chores like transporting, picking up, and dropping off products, AMRs can increase the productivity and efficiency of warehouse operations, manufacturing processes, and workflows, giving workers more energy to work on challenging value-added jobs.

Globally Praised by Industrial Users

Customers all across the world have found ForwardX and its solutions to be indispensable. Customers like SF DHL, Itochu Logistics, TCL, and others can benefit from the flexible automated picking solution provided by ForwardX to handle the overall unstable demand, the increase in e-commerce orders, and the need for security. This is made possible by the flexibility of the ForwardX Matrix platform and high-tech AMR robots.


Through the use of AMRs in logistics, manufacturing, and retail, ForwardX’s customers have attained levels of stability, intelligence, and high output that are among the best in the business. Visit the official website of ForwardX for detailed information about AMR products.

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