Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Developed by Mindray

An AED is a portable emergency device used to resuscitate cardiac arrest patients, diagnose particular arrhythmias, and provide electric shock defibrillation. It is crucial to remember that AEDs are portable, clever, and can be used by non-professionals with no training. As competent AED suppliers, Mindray make AEDs with a high degree of intelligence and offer their technological prowess to improve emergency services’ effectiveness.

Where Are AEDs Used, And How Do They Function?

AEDs are generally used on patients who have had a heart attack, particularly in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. In the early stages, ventricular fibrillation affects the majority of patients.

In addition to early resuscitation of the patient by electrical defibrillation, using AEDs for life-saving therapy may mitigate damage to the brain and other neurological tissues.

In several instances of cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart exhibits an irregular tremor, a medical condition known as ventricular fibrillation. The ECG of the patient is neither a straight line nor a normal periodic curve; rather, it is a disordered line.

This function is used by AEDs manufactured by Mindray to detect the cause of cardiac arrest and conduct timely first-aid measures.

Why Do You Need a Portable, Intelligent AED From Mindray?

Only a medical expert using a defibrillation device can often save the life of a patient experiencing a sudden heart arrest.

Suppose we have a smart AED device for first aid nearby and follow the standard operating method. In that case, the AED will automatically finish the diagnostic and shock processes to rescue the cardiac arrest patient.

The Whole Procedure Requires Few Operating Parameters And Little Medical Expertise.

As long as the operating instructions are adhered to, first aid may be administered without complication, considerably enhancing the life safety of cardiovascular disease patients. All of this is a result of Mindray‘s breakthrough product technology.

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