Efficient Industrial Lighting Solutions with Done Power’s SPF Series Non-Isolated LED Drivers

Done Power presents the SPF series non-isolated LED drivers, designed specifically for industrial lighting applications. These LED drivers feature a unique UFO-shaped design, combining aesthetics with functionality. With their higher power adaptability, ranging from a 120-watt LED driver to a 240-watt LED driver, and wide input and output power voltage, the Done Power SPF series offers the ideal LED converter solution for various industrial lighting needs.

Versatile Power Adaptability

The Done Power SPF series non-isolated LED drivers provide exceptional power adaptability, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of industrial lighting setups. With the ability to function as both a 120-watt and 240-watt LED driver, these drivers can cater to different lighting requirements, allowing businesses to customize their illumination levels and optimize energy consumption. The flexibility of power adaptability makes the SPF series LED drivers a reliable choice for industrial lighting applications.

Wide Input and Output Power Voltage

The SPF series LED drivers by Done Power feature a wide input and output power voltage range, enhancing their compatibility with diverse industrial lighting systems. This versatility ensures seamless integration into existing setups, reducing the need for additional modifications. Whether it is high or low voltage applications, the SPF series LED drivers provide reliable power conversion, maximizing the efficiency and performance of industrial lighting installations.


Done Power’s SPF series non-isolated LED drivers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial lighting applications. With their unique UFO-shaped design, higher power adaptability, and wide input and output power voltage range, these LED drivers offer efficient and versatile solutions for industrial lighting needs. Trust Done Power to deliver high-quality LED drivers that enhance the performance, energy efficiency, and reliability of your industrial lighting systems. Choose the SPF series LED drivers for a seamless integration and optimal lighting solutions in industrial settings.

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