Empower Your Journey with Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger

In the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Luobinsen takes a giant leap forward with its Mode2 AC adapter for car, a versatile solution that caters to various charging needs. This portable charger, falling under the Mode2 category, is designed to redefine convenience and accessibility for EV owners. Whether you are at home, work, a retail space, or on the go, Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger ensures a seamless and efficient charging experience.

Empower Your Journey with Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger

Versatile Applications for Every Setting

One notable aspect of Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger is its adaptability to diverse environments. It seamlessly fits into residential settings, empowering homeowners with a compact, easy-to-use charging solution. The workplace integration of this portable charger promotes sustainability in business operations. Retailers looking to attract environmentally conscious customers can benefit from offering accessible charging stations. Additionally, for those on the move, Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger provides a private and portable charging option, making it an indispensable companion for electric vehicle owners.

Advanced Features for Enhanced User Experience

Luobinsen prioritizes user experience with advanced features embedded in the Mode2 AC Portable Charger. The charger boasts temperature detection fault automatic repair charge, ensuring safety and reliability. With an impressive IP66 protection level, the charger remains robust in various weather conditions. Its user-friendly design allows for easy plug-in and charging, eliminating any complexity from the charging process. The ability to reserve Over-The-Air (OTA) updates ensures continuous improvement and compatibility with evolving EV technologies.

Technical Excellence and Safety Assurance

Delving into the technical specifications, the Mode2 AC Portable Charger offers a range of output powers, from 3.5kW to 22kW, catering to different EV models. The internal Residual Current Device (RCD) enhances safety, with both Type A and DC protection. The LCD display provides clear information, and the charging connector options cover Type1, Type2, and GBT standards. Luobinsen adheres to international safety standards, including IEC 61851 and EN 62196, ensuring the Mode2 AC Portable Charger meets the highest safety and performance criteria.


Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger emerges as a game-changer in the realm of electric vehicle charging solutions. With its versatility, advanced features, and commitment to safety, Luobinsen paves the way for a future where EV owners can charge their vehicles effortlessly, promoting widespread adoption of sustainable transportation. As the world shifts towards greener alternatives, Luobinsen stands as a beacon, empowering EV owners globally with innovative and reliable charging solutions.

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