Enhance Your Coffee Experience with the Empstorm EM-04E 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Immerse yourself in the world of precise brewing with the Empstorm EM-04E 20 Bar Espresso Machine, a high-caliber bean to cup espresso machine that seamlessly merges elegance with practicality. Operating in semi-automatic mode and designed with a noise level below 68dB, this machine guarantees a tranquil and smooth coffee-making process, enabling users to monitor and regulate water temperature for consistently exceptional coffee quality.

Balanced Semi-Automatic Functionality

The EM-04E Espresso Machine operates in semi-automatic mode, striking a harmonious balance between user control and convenience during the brewing journey. This mode empowers users to customize their coffee manually while benefiting from automated essential functions, granting them the freedom to fine-tune their coffee preferences to perfection.

Tranquil Operation for Serene Brewing Moments

With a subdued sound pressure level below 68dB, the EM-04E ensures a serene ambiance for coffee enthusiasts to relish their brewing experience undisturbed. This minimal noise level fosters a calm and peaceful setting, ideal for indulging in your favorite espresso without any intrusive disruptions.

Temperature Regulation for Unwavering Quality

The Empstorm Espresso Machine EM-04E places a paramount focus on temperature control to uphold the caliber and consistency of flavor in every coffee cup. By attentively monitoring and adjusting the water temperature, users can attain the ideal brewing conditions, yielding a lavish and flavorful espresso with each extraction.


Ascend your coffee ritual with the Empstorm EM-04E 20 Bar Espresso Machine, an exceptional bean to cup espresso machine that sets the benchmark for precision brewing. With its semi-automatic operation, serene functionality, and emphasis on temperature control, the EM-04E delivers a deluxe coffee experience crafted specifically for discerning coffee enthusiasts. Delve into the realm of coffee craftsmanship with the EM-04E and relish delectable espresso brewed to perfection on every occasion.

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