How To Check Whether The Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer Satisfies Standards

Mold molding is vital for a product; therefore, choose a competent factory if you need a plastic injection mold. When picking a factory, consider the following factors.

– Know Injection Molding Factory Staffing

According to our conversations with the plastic injection mold factory’s employees, we can determine whether your company’s difficulties can be handled, if the engineering and technical staff can develop products that meet your needs, and if the mold processing staff can meet your production speed requirements. The strength of a plastic injection mold factory may be judged by the experience of the plant’s mold engineer and the number of personnel in the workshop.

– Know The Factory’s Size

From the point of facilities, equipment, mold factory production equipment, testing equipment, and so on, hard power can meet your company’s plastic injection mold requirements; we need to know the plastic injection mold factory in a month can process how many plastic injection molds, do you need every month how many plastic injection mold processing, The equipment of the mold factory, on the whole, can’t meet your plastic injection mold requirements.

– Master Injection Mold Design

Before processing the plastic injection mold, can the manufacturer improve and update the product structure to avoid harming the mold’s quality? According to functional product requirements, design dies structure and create engineering drawings, DFM, and other data. During mold processing, you may review the engineering drawings individually to determine whether the plastic injection mold fits the design criteria.

-Check The Injection Mold Factory’s Environment

Plastic injection mold factory scene management, equipment put, product logistics is how to meet ISO9001 quality management requirements, mold factory production mode is standard, management personnel, technical personnel, operation personnel’s mental outlook, the site is clean and neat, these aspects can reflect mold factory management level.

– Get Injection Mold Factory Quotes

After locating the contact number, many organizations purchasing plastic injection molds email the mold designs to the manufacturer and ask for a price. Whether the plastic injection mold manufacturer gives you a quote immediately is irresponsible since you don’t know if the factory’s size, technological level, expertise, product quality, and other factors will match your needs. It would help if you visited the mold manufacturer to discuss plastic injection mold needs. The plastic injection mold quote is accountable after mutual understanding. The mold manufacturer that handles the quote carefully may be deemed a superior processing factory. If it casually quotes plastic injection mold, it may be negligent while processing the mold.


According to the five ways to study a plastic injection molding factory, you may pick one that matches your needs. ABERY makes polymers. We’ve provided clients with injection molds and components for years. ABERY exports several plastic injection molds and components. We also provide customized services and good after-sales care.

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