Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Sound with Aviator by ESD Acoustic

ESD Acoustic, a prominent brand in the realm of home theater equipment, presents Aviator, a fully integrated active speaker system available in floor-standing and desktop versions. Aviator’s remarkable design allows its cabinet to be divided, offering versatile configuration options. With its main Bluetooth desk speakers boasting exceptional decoding capabilities, they are highly recommended as desktop speakers. The auxiliary speakers can be used individually or in pairs for stereo sound. Aviator incorporates advanced technology, including 2-inch foiled beryllium diaphragms in the tweeter unit and invention-patented titanium sandwich diaphragms in the bass unit. This combination ensures distortion-free and immersive sound quality, making Aviator the ultimate audio solution for discerning enthusiasts.

Versatile Configuration Options

ESD Acoustic’s Aviator provides users with versatile configuration options to suit their audio preferences. The system’s cabinet can be divided, allowing for separate placement of the main Bluetooth desk speakers and auxiliary speakers. This flexibility enables users to customize their setup according to their space and desired audio experience. Whether you prefer a compact desktop arrangement or a more expansive floor-standing configuration, Aviator adapts to your needs.

Exceptional Sound Reproduction

Aviator sets a new standard for sound reproduction with its cutting-edge technology. The tweeter unit features 2-inch foiled beryllium diaphragms that deliver precise and detailed high-frequency performance. The bass unit utilizes invention-patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, ensuring accurate and powerful low-frequency reproduction. This combination of advanced diaphragm materials eliminates distortion, enabling Aviator to faithfully reproduce audio with remarkable clarity and depth.

Immersive Listening Experience

With a frequency response of 38-20,000Hz (±3dB) and a sensitivity of 84dB, Aviator offers an immersive and captivating listening experience. The wide frequency response ensures that no detail is missed, whether it’s the subtle nuances of vocals or the thunderous impact of deep bass. The system’s high sensitivity allows it to produce impressive sound output with minimal power input, making it efficient and capable of filling the room with rich, dynamic audio.


ESD Acoustic’s Aviator is a testament to their commitment to excellence in audio engineering. With its versatile configuration options, exceptional sound reproduction, and immersive listening experience, Aviator sets a new standard in home theater equipment. Whether you choose the floor-standing or desktop version, Aviator’s combination of advanced diaphragms, wide frequency response, and high sensitivity ensures a truly remarkable audio experience. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound and elevate your home theater setup with the extraordinary Aviator by ESD Acoustic.

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