Improve Your Filmmaking with Camera Cages and Follow Focus Systems from SmallRig

Having the appropriate tools can make a significant difference in the ever-changing field of filmmaking. When it comes to capturing those cinematic shots, SmallRig has emerged as a game-changer with their innovative camera cages and follow focus systems. From novice videographers to seasoned professionals, SmallRig’s offerings have taken the industry by storm, addressing various shooting scenarios and enhancing the creative process. Let’s dive into the Q&A to discover how SmallRig’s camera cages and follow focus systems can elevate your filmmaking endeavors.

What Sets SmallRig Apart as a Brand?

SmallRig isn’t just a brand; it’s a filmmaker’s ally. For over a decade, SmallRig has been in sync with creators, developing user-oriented products that cater to diverse needs. Their camera cages and follow focus systems are backed by a deep understanding of the challenges filmmakers face. With more than 2 million satisfied customers in 90+ countries, SmallRig’s influence spans the globe. Their commitment to quality is underscored by 415 licensed patents, a testament to their innovation.

Unleash Creativity with SmallRig’s Customization Approach

SmallRig’s unique “User Co-design” mode and the DreamRig free customization project bring creators into the fold. Filmmakers can contribute ideas that directly shape product design and development, making them an integral part of the process. This level of engagement fosters a sense of community, where every voice matters.

Going Beyond Boundaries: SmallRig’s International Impact

From Hollywood to local indie productions, SmallRig’s impact is undeniable. Their products have received prestigious design awards, including the iF Product Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards, affirming their commitment to excellence. SmallRig’s influence extends beyond products; they’re cultivating a global community of passionate filmmakers who share, learn, and inspire one another.


In the realm of filmmaking, SmallRig stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Their camera cages and follow focus systems epitomize the brand’s dedication to enhancing the filmmaking experience. With products that seamlessly adapt to various shooting scenarios, SmallRig empowers filmmakers to capture their vision with unparalleled precision.

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