INEED Motors: Your Trusted Gear Motor Supplier with Technical Support and Customization Capabilities

INEED Motors stands out as a leading gear motor supplier, offering exceptional technical support and customization capabilities. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, INEED Motors has a team of experienced R&D engineers and advanced laboratories to deliver comprehensive solutions. From brushless DC motors to brushed motors, gearbox design, and development, INEED Motors provides a wide range of high-quality products and personalized services to meet your specific project needs.

In-Depth Technical Support for Tailored Solutions

At INEED Motors, the experienced R&D engineers possess extensive technical knowledge and expertise. They work closely with customers to understand project needs and product specifications in-depth. By thoroughly comprehending your requirements, the engineers can provide appropriate technical solutions that align with your specific goals. Whether it’s selecting the right motor or optimizing performance, INEED Motors’ technical support ensures that you receive the most suitable solutions for your project.

Extensive Customization Services for Unique Requirements

INEED Motors recognizes that every project is unique and may require custom solutions. With more than 80% of their projects being customized, INEED Motors has perfected their customization capabilities. From dimensions to internal structures, technical parameters to encoders, and other custom accessories, their team can tailor their products to meet your exact specifications. This level of customization allows you to achieve optimal performance and functionality, ensuring that the motor perfectly integrates into your project.

Comprehensive Product Range for Diverse Applications

INEED Motors offers a comprehensive product range that caters to various applications. Whether you require brushless DC motors for precision control, brushed motors for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, or gearbox design and development for specialized requirements, INEED Motors has you covered. Their products are designed with quality and performance in mind, providing reliable and efficient solutions for a wide range of industries and projects.


INEED Motors is your trusted gear motor supplier, providing technical support and customization capabilities that set them apart in the industry. With their experienced R&D engineers and advanced laboratories, they offer in-depth technical support to deliver tailored solutions for your project. Their extensive customization services ensure that the products meet your unique requirements. From brushless DC motors to brushed motors and gearbox design, INEED Motors offers a comprehensive product range suitable for diverse applications. Trust in the expertise of INEED Motors and experience top-quality gear motors that propel your projects to new heights.

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