Innovative Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories by SmallRig

SmallRig offers an extensive range of high-quality gimbal stabilizer accessories to enhance your footage. From handles and plates to monitor mounts and cages, SmallRig has everything you need to optimize your gimbal rig.

Innovative Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories by SmallRig

Handles and Grips for Better Control 

Whether you need one-handed operation or extra stability, SmallRig has the ideal handles and grips for your gimbal stabilizer.

Dual Handgrips: Their wireless and wired dual handgrips provide full control of your gimbal stabilizer with just one hand.

Sling Grips: The ergonomic sling grips attach to the side of your gimbal and minimize arm fatigue during long shoots.

Side Handles: The wooden and metal side handles offer a secure grip for two-handed control of your gimbal stabilizer.

Quick Release Plates for Easy Attachment 

SmallRig offers a wide range of quick release plates to quickly attach and detach your camera from your gimbal stabilizer.

Arca-Swiss Plates: Compatible with Arca-style tripod heads, these plates secure your gear with a quick twist.

Manfrotto Plates: Compatible with Manfrotto quick release systems, these plates allow fast changes between tripods and gimbals.

Extended Plates: The extended version allows attachment of accessories like cages and handles.

Monitor Mounts for Perfect Composition 

SmallRig’s adjustable monitor mounts enable you to attach an external monitor to frame your shots while using your gimbal stabilizer. The monitor mounts are compatible with gimbals from DJI, Zhiyun, Moza and more.

Camera Cages and Protective Gear

SmallRig manufactures durable, lightweight cages and accessories to protect your camera while using a gimbal stabilizer. Their cages are modular to accommodate a range of handles, batteries, and more.


SmallRig innovations like handles, plates, monitor mounts and cages can transform your gimbal stabilizer into an unshakeable content creation tool. Their extensive line of professional-grade accessories are designed to help you capture the clearest, smoothest footage possible.

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