Learn First Serve Odds and How to Play Effectively

Ball delivery odds popular and popular among many people in football. Down here, Trang chủ New88 I will share about the first serve bet to help you easily win and bring home a huge reward.

Find out what the first serve bet is

Indeed, you will not be able to participate in betting on serve odds at any bookmaker if you do not understand its nature. The serve bet, also known as kick off, your task will be to predict which team will serve first, then place a bet on this team.

Just make a prediction and you will get the results immediately, so this bet is very suitable for those who like instant noodles, playing and knowing the results immediately.

The referee will toss a coin to see which team will have the right to serve first. This is even considered a highly attractive side bet, making it very difficult to choose a bet. Because winning or losing this bet largely depends on luck, partly requiring you to have information related to the team.

How to play serve to win

To play the winning serve bet, you should never think that you should choose one team and win or lose will depend on your luck. That method only applies to those who try and play once. If you play regularly, try applying the tips shared by the experts below to make playing more effective.

Choose the home team with a higher probability of winning

Choosing the home team always has an advantage because they can play on their own home field, adapt to the weather and support from the fans, etc. There is a high possibility that the home team will have the right to serve first. So when analyzing between two teams, you should pay attention to which is the home team and which is the away team. From there, decide which potential team to bet on. On the other hand, if both teams play away from home, you should analyze which team is stronger and weaker. Usually, the team with poorer performance will be given priority to serve first.

Apply folding play in serve bets

One of the effective ways of playing used by experts, but with this method you should not bet large amounts of money. Your job is to choose which team will serve first and which way to play in four consecutive games will win. However, you should not apply too many bets but should only apply it to four bets.

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How to bet on first serve at a reputable bookmaker

The first serve bet is a side bet that the house puts into the odds table before the match starts. And to help you play this bet quickly, right here New88 I have shared with you the fastest way to play serve odds at the house:

Step one: log in to the bookmaker of your choice

If you already have an account, just log in. If you don’t have an account, just register. It only takes a few minutes and you will easily create an account for yourself to participate in your own entertainment. Many people have shared that registering an account at the house is very difficult. It’s also possible that you haven’t read the bookmaker’s requirements carefully, making it so complicated. When filling in information, please fill it out accurately to avoid problems when withdrawing and depositing money later at the house.

Step two: choose to participate in the first serve bet

Completely different from other bets, this bet ends very early so the bookies offer this bet very early. At the interface there will be an early bet button for you to click on to select the bet. In the section that displays a variety of ongoing matches, you just need to choose the match you like the most. Then choose which team will serve the ball first and place your bet.

Step three: place your bet

Place a bet by viewing the information of the two teams, and select the team you want to bet on. Choose the amount of bet you want to bet on this bet. The more you bet, the bigger the win. Confirm again, when the match starts you will know the results. Surely, you are looking forward to the moment of victory.

Through this article, you will have a perfect view of the serve bet so that you can know how to apply it to your betting game competently. Always improve and accumulate more experience, which will help you win more easily when playing that bet. New88 hope you always be lucky.

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