Promote the Improvement of Public First-Aid: AED Manufactured by Mindray

Promote the Improvement of Public First-Aid: AED Manufactured by Mindray

The deployment of AED equipment in public places is a key trend in public first aid and an important advance in social humanism. At the same time, letting the public know “what AED means, what AED does, and how to use AED” is also an important part to enhance the public’s emergency rescue capability. Mindray, a professional AED supplier, introduces the features of AED products.

Benefits of Choosing Mindray’s AED

Having AEDs in public places will likely save patients’ lives before an ambulance arrives. For AEDs designed to be used in public emergency care, ease of use and safety will be important considerations. Mindray’s AEDs meet the characteristics of high quality and ease of use perfectly and are widely recognized by domestic and international customers.

Mindray manufactured high-level AED first aid equipment, which is portable, and easy to operate, and those with little training can be proficient in the use of first aid. Pragmatically, it is designed for emergency response at the scene.

Featured Practicality

The most important feature of Mindray products is that the user does not need to have a high level of ECG reading ability. It can be operated by ordinary people who do not have medical knowledge.

What people need to do is simply follow the recorded instructions, turn on the power, and press the discharge button to complete automatic ECG analysis and defibrillation.

In a sense, Mindray’s AED is not only a kind of first aid equipment but also promotes a new concept of first aid, a concept of effective first aid by the first witness at the scene. For patients with cardiovascular disease, products from Mindray will become a boon.

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