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Cockfighting or cockfighting is a popular folk betting game in Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, this game has appeared since the Ly Dynasty. Until the 4.0 era, cockfighting betting appeared on online bookmakers. Play cockfighting betting How online? Together Nhà Cái Hi88 Immediately track how to bet.

History of cockfighting

Appeared during the Ly Dynasty, brought back by King Ly Thuong Kiet’s soldiers after conquering Champa. This game has been passed down to this day. We often see cockfighting groups on Tet days and major holidays.

To add more excitement and drama, later, the participants made predictions about the score of the cockfight, and bet money against each other. Since then, the cockfighting betting game was born.

Currently, not only Vietnam but Southeast Asian countries and some other countries also participate in this game. However, our country has not yet recognized this as a legal game. The 4.0 era is increasingly developing, leading to the advancement of digital technology. You can participate in online cockfighting betting at: reputable bookmaker site.

How to play cockfighting betting online

Betting on cockfighting online is quite simple. A cockfighting match only has A and B, that is, choose cock A or cock B. Therefore, in terms of gameplay, new players do not encounter any problems.

Depending on each region, the match time will be different. For example, in Northern cockfighting betting, each round takes place within 15 minutes. In the Central region, each round will last about 20 minutes. The chicken will be considered a loser when it dies or runs away, or does not bite or fight.

Some terms in cockfighting betting

Cockfighting arena (cockfighting arena): is the place where cockfights are held, and is also the place where fighting cocks are raised and cared for. Northerners often call it “cockfighting”, while southerners call it “cockfighting”.

Incense or water: is a technique used to refer to stone rounds or stone recovery. In the past, people measured the time of a match by using a stick of incense. When 1 stick of incense runs out, the match stops, then continues. Later, according to oral tradition, the slang word “incense” was still used.

Add chicken water: after each incense, the chicken will be cared for and rest for about 5 minutes between matches.

Cockweight: or bantamweight, refers to the weight levels at which cocks will be paired against each other. Depending on the weight, the handicap will be different.

3 forms of cockfighting betting

Meron: is the player who bets on the home team to win. In most matches, the house’s fighting cocks will be highly appreciated, and the betting odds are also higher. This betting method is often found at bookmakers in Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand. Typical color is red.

Wala: is the player who bets on the away team winning the match. This form has higher odds than Meron. Wala’s characteristic color is blue.

BDD: is a bettor that this cockfight is a draw. This situation occurs when the player realizes that both teams’ cocks are equally talented. However, chickens are aggressive animals, when fighting each other there are only wins and losses. The possibility of a draw is rare.

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Why should you play cockfighting betting on reputable online bookmakers?

Playing cockfighting betting on reputable and popular websites in Vietnam also brings many advantages to real players. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of playing online betting.

Enjoy many good, exciting matches

Most bookmakers are affiliated with famous cockfighting arenas not only in countries in Southeast Asia but also in some countries on other continents. Some floating cockfighting arenas are located in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Mexico…

Bettors will be able to witness with their own eyes classic but no less attractive matches in iron spur cockfighting, bamboo cockfighting, knife spur cockfighting, etc. right at home. Attractive odds and irresistible rewards. Furthermore, promotional programs are also updated continuously 365 days (depending on each bookmaker) waiting for you.

Beautiful interface, friendly to all types of devices

Unlike traditional cockfighting matches, you have to go to the place to watch and bet. However, with technological conveniences, you can play online cockfighting betting. The only thing you need to access is a smartphone or tablet or laptop to play.

Some reputable bookmakers are always improving and expanding the system to be compatible with all types of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. Players can play anytime, anywhere, extremely convenient.

Beautiful interface, easy to use, easy-to-understand gameplay instruction system for beginners. All matches are broadcast live, with HD image quality and stable transmission, even in matches abroad.

You can both win prize-winning bets and have wonderful moments of entertainment when participating in cockfighting betting at the most prestigious bookmakers in Vietnam.

High security

Your personal information and withdrawal and deposit information are highly confidential. Your identity will hardly be revealed when playing on trustworthy websites. Any questions about security and other issues will be answered by that bookmaker’s customer service department. Response time is relatively quick.

Deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily

When you win a bet, the system will update the winning amount to your wallet in an instant. You can then withdraw money immediately to your bank account.

Withdrawal and deposit transaction times are also quite quick. To ensure safety and not lose money in vain, play at reputable websites. Especially the bookmakers are used and highly appreciated by many people.

Currently, bookmakers have expanded deposit methods using e-wallets such as Momo, Zalopay, etc. Therefore, if you do not use the bank’s Internet Banking, you can connect your card to e-wallets and You can easily withdraw and deposit money.

All transactions and account information are highly confidential. In case you cannot withdraw or deposit money, you most likely filled in the wrong information. Or in another case, the information you provided does not match the information you previously registered.

Please check carefully, if you encounter difficulties, contact customer service for thorough advice and guidance.


Cockfighting betting is a betting game that is popular with many people, and this is still a popular game and ranks among the most popular betting games.

With just a smartphone, you can bet on fierce matches from fighting cocks. So why hesitate and play right away. Choose a trustworthy bookmaker to participate in thrilling betting matches and win high rewards.

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