Sharing the Most Effective Way to Play Seahorse Chess Today

How to play seahorse chess very important. If you do not clearly understand the nature of the game as well as the rules, it will be very difficult to bet. So, take the time to learn about these issues before starting the game. These information will be Trang Chủ Jun88 Update details below. We invite you to follow along.

Introducing seahorse flags

Learn about seahorse flags

This is a traditional folk board game loved by Vietnamese people.How to play seahorse chess It’s very simple and easy to understand, but you need a strategy to win.

In addition to the name seahorse flag, it is also often called a horse racing flag. A game will include 4 participants with the following equipment:

  • A square chess board is divided into 4 equal parts
  • 16 chess pieces include 4 colors: Blue, green, red and yellow.

Details on how to play seahorse chess for beginners

The most standard way to play seahorse chess today

Seahorse chess is an extremely popular entertainment game but many people still feel unfamiliar. So,Jun88 will share How to play seahorse chessMost detailed for your reference.

Prepare the game

  • Spread the chessboard and arrange these 16 pieces into 4 parts according to the corresponding colors.
  • Prepare a dice rolling set such as a bowl or a tray. In addition, players can also roll the dice on a flat surface such as a brick floor,…
  • Determine the color for each participating player.

Victory conditions

Peopleany Take turns bringing all 4 of your teammate’s pieces back to the cage at the same time and located in boxes 6,5,4 and 3 then will eagerly win.

How to roll dice

The dice will be rolled in the previously determined order. If anyone rolls the result “first” (one) or “six” (six), they will be released or move on. For 2 dice, if you fall into one of the following cases, you will be allowed to roll or choose to continue. Specifically:

  • “Nhat” (one) and “six” (six)
  • Best pair (one-to-one)
  • Stamen (two – two)
  • Pair of three (three – three)
  • Foursome (four – four)
  • Pair of pentads (five – five)
  • Pair of six (six – six)

How to move troops

Once the pieces have been drawn, the player will move the pieces according to the number of dice rolled. Do not go more or less. In the same team, many pieces can be placed on the chessboard. Therefore, players should consider and move one of the pieces to follow the dice number to benefit themselves the most.

How to enter the barn

Or kOnce you have completed a round of the table, the flag will reach the barn door. Once at the gate, the player needs to roll the dice to determine the location in the barn.

According to How to play seahorse chess regulations, the position in the cage is allowed to be adjusted. Players can roll the dice and advance a few moves. Any piece that enters the cage will not be allowed to overtake the pieces that came before. Once they have passed through the cage, no one will be kicked.

Share how to play seahorse chess 100% effectively

How to play seahorse chess effectively from High Defense Longyear

To be able to win, you should pocket some tips for yourself as you learn How to play seahorse chess.Specifically:

Keep the pieces away from each other

Avoid placing your pieces close to each other. Because this will cause them to become a barrier and prevent each other’s ability to move. Therefore, players shouldTry to keep a distance for each piece to make it easier to move.

Take advantage of every opportunity to push your opponent’s position

In some situations, play datesMove your opponent’s pieces out of the way. That will help you take over the game. From there you can master and manage the entire game.

Select a piece to move

There are some cases where you should consider and choose a group of pieces to move. However, players need to consider carefully before deciding to choose a chess piece. Make sure it will bring benefits so you can easily go to the next country.

SEe : Xổ Số Jun88

Watch your opponents carefully

In addition, players also need to regularly observe their opponents. This helps you understand the moving pieces and your opponent’s playing strategy. From there, you can determine your path and make the most appropriate decisions for your battle.

Seahorse chess is a familiar and very popular game with Vietnamese people. However, to win, players need to have logical reasoning skills and combine the element of luck.


The above article byJun88 We have provided enough information to help you know How to play seahorse chess. Take advantage of the experiences shared above to increase your chances of winning. Wishing you good luck and comfortable moments of entertainment with family and friends.

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