Sungrow’s Residential Energy Storage System Can Energize Your Home

Unlock the full potential of your solar power system with Sungrow‘s residential energy storage system. By integrating a home solar battery, you can efficiently store excess solar energy and utilize it during peak demand periods or when the sun isn’t shining. Sungrow’s solution allows you to take control of your energy usage, reduce your reliance on the grid, and ultimately lower your electricity costs. With Sungrow’s home solar battery storage, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, sustainable energy without any compromises.

Residential Storage System Solutions for Every Need

Sungrow offers a wide range of residential storage system solutions to cater to different household requirements. Whether you have a single-phase or three-phase electrical setup, Sungrow has the perfect solution for you. With their recommended products, you gain access to advanced features and technologies that enhance the performance and efficiency of your energy storage system. Additionally, the integration of the iSolarCloud platform enables centralized management of your PV plant, making it easier to monitor and optimize your solar energy generation.

Sungrow’s SBR064/096/128/160/192/224/256: Reliable and Compact

Experience exceptional performance and reliability with Sungrow’s SBR series of home solar batteries. These batteries offer up to 100% usable energy, allowing you to maximize the utilization of stored solar power. With their multi-stage protection design and extensive safety certification, you can have peace of mind knowing that your energy storage system is secure. The compact and lightweight design of the SBR series ensures easy installation, enabling a hassle-free setup process. Sungrow’s home solar batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into your home, providing efficient energy storage without taking up excessive space.


In conclusion, Sungrow’s residential energy storage system empowers your home with efficient utilization of solar power. By incorporating a home solar battery, you can reduce costs, increase energy independence, and contribute to a greener future. Choose from Sungrow’s range of residential storage system solutions, including the reliable and compact SBR series, to meet your specific needs. Upgrade your home with Sungrow’s recommended products and embrace the benefits of clean, sustainable energy. Experience the freedom and flexibility of Sungrow’s residential energy storage system today.

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