Take a look at the most popular cockfighting breeds

Cockfighting is okay Link New88 understand a popular entertainment activity in some countries, especially in Vietnam. In cockfighting, players will enter their fighting cocks into the competition and pit them against each other. A knife chicken is a type of chicken that has a small blade attached to the bottom of each leg, and the fight takes place when two chickens fight each other to see who will win.

Learn briefly about the form of cockfighting competition

Knife cockfighting is one of the variations of cockfighting that often takes place at cockfighting arenas. To make each fight more interesting and intense, these cocks are often equipped with an iron blade.

Therefore, chickens participating in this type must be brave and experienced in fighting. Otherwise, they will likely face the risk of death right from the first minutes of the match.

The most popular chicken breeds in cockfighting fights

In the knife fighting cockfighting competition, the first important thing is the bravery in fighting of the cocks. The fights taking place at cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, the Philippines and Mexico require impressive skill and physical strength from the participating cocks. Below is a list of priority chicken breeds selected for this type of cockfighting:

Breed of chickens

The famous chicken breed is a symbol of cockfighting in Vietnam. They are known for their strong, powerful kicks and fierce personalities, attracting the love of many players. Traditional breed chicken farming can be seen in many places in Vietnam, such as Quang Ngai and Do Son (Hai Phong).

Peruvian chicken breed

The Peruvian chicken breed is an icon in the cockfighting community around the world. Peruvian chickens come from Peru and are known for their tall and heavy stature.

Despite their large weight, they are still agile in combat and are considered one of the best fighting chicken breeds. The Peruvian chicken’s ability to fly and jump, along with its sharp beak, helps it attack opponents powerfully and effectively.

American chicken breed

The American fighting cock originates from the United States and is a combination of European and Asian fighting cock breeds. Despite their small size, they are famous for their speed and agility. American chickens are often very fiery, making it difficult for their opponents to resist their quickness and fierceness in battle.

Like bamboo chicken

The bantam breed originates from Vietnam and is often found in the Southwestern provinces as well as other provinces across the country. They are small in size but agile and are raised and trained by indigenous people, especially the Khmer people.

In addition to being used as fighting chickens, they are also raised as ornamental chickens. Bamboo chickens are considered to have quite good fighting ability, and there are many popular breeds such as Tan Chau bantam chickens and Bamboo chickens.
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Tips for betting and analyzing cockfighting to increase your chances of winning up to 99%

Here are some tips and suggestions to improve your prediction and increase your chances of winning in cockfighting:

Choose a reputable house with a large number of players

Before starting to participate in live cockfighting betting, the first important thing you need to consider is choosing a highly reputable bookmaker with a large number of players. This helps you feel more secure in depositing and withdrawing money, while staying away from possible scams.

Research match history and observe cocks

Before placing a bet, you should do research on the history of previous matches to understand the physical situation and fighting ability of the two teams.

Look at the current condition of both sides, are there any injuries, or is there a team in better shape. In addition, carefully observe the cock’s actions to increase your chances of winning after the fight ends.

Choose the right chicken

Choose chickens that are large in size, have a proud figure, are in good health and have long necks, showing flexibility. At the same time, choose chickens with long and smooth wings to help them perform effective attacks to defeat their opponents.

Choose the appropriate bet

Finally, when participating in cockfighting betting, you need to consider carefully and choose the right bet. Let’s analyze in detail all the factors related to the cocks and previous betting situations, as shared in the previous two parts.


Above are some basic tips for you to improve your ability to bet and analyze cockfighting matches. However, it should be remembered that cockfighting is an entertainment activity that involves trying your luck and there is no sure formula for winning. Please play responsibly and always follow local laws and regulations when participating in cock fighting games.

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