The Secret to Playing 3 Pairs Unbeaten From Experts

3 pairs of pine What is this, which cards can these 3 pairs cut? These are questions that many people wonder when participating in the Tien Len card game. Let’s learn more about this issue through the article shared below Nhà Cái New88 Please!

What are the 3 pairs of information understood as?

When participating in the game Tien Tien, you will come across terminology 3 pairs of pine. This is understood as a set consisting of 3 consecutive pairs with a rank lower than the four of a kind and higher than the dragon hall.

These three pairs will have 3 consecutive pairs of identical cards, each pair will have equal value. For example, a set of 3 pairs: 3-3, 4 -4 and 5 – 5 is called three pairs.

To have this set, when playing you need to know how to arrange the same cards into the same pair. These sets need to be arranged consecutively in increasing value without interruption. Possessing these three pairs when playing forward will help you defeat your opponents very quickly.

Which cards can 3 pairs of pine trees cut?

This is a question that many people are wanting to learn about. When playing forward, if you have three pairs of cards in your hand, you can then use them to block smaller decks. This move will not be cut by strong cards such as four of a kind and dragon hall, hall.

This is what will help players win the fastest. Besides, when you have three consecutive pairs of cards in your hand, you can use them to steal pigs from your opponents. At the same time, players also use it to cut 3 pairs of lower value. However, you should note that this set of pine needles will not be used to cut pairs of pigs.

Compare the 3 pairs of pine trees in the cyclone and move forward

With the game Sam Loc, the penalty will be expressed directly through the cards with high scores. For three pairs of cards when playing this game, they can only be used for normal play, so when playing, you will easily encounter the case of losing four of a kind or rotting two.

In the Tien Len card game, this pair can be used to chop pigs and lower value pairs. Therefore, if a player has this pair, it will be much easier to win.

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Gain experience playing cards when you have 3 pairs of cards

To win when you have these three pairs in hand, please refer to the experience below as follows:

Grasp the tips for arranging cards

When playing cards, if you know how to arrange the cards in your hand properly, then winning will not be too difficult. Arranging cards is considered an important factor for you to increase your chances of winning.

After receiving the cards into your hand, the player should quickly arrange them appropriately into pairs, if any 3 pairs of pine Winning will be easier. This will help you have a flexible playing strategy to block your opponent’s cards. If you don’t know how to arrange, you won’t be able to get rid of your junk cards.

Lure your opponent into making a pig move

Lure the opponent into playing a pig and then use it 3 pairs of pine To block is also a strategy used by many experts. Therefore, when playing you should use cards with high value such as K or A to lure the pig.

Tempt gradually until the pig card appears, immediately use three pairs of information to block and win. However, when using this method, you must be very calm and not let your opponent know that you are waiting for the pig to chop.

Evaluate whether your article is good or bad

If the deck of cards in your hand is not beautiful then you can completely use it 3 pairs of pine to cut your opponent’s cards to gain the right to play for you. Players should try to smuggle out all the junk cards quickly. If you have the right to hit, don’t forget to lure the pig to chop. If you can’t lure the pig, it’s best to tear apart another pair of cards to lure.

Use at the right time

Possessing these 3 pairs of cards in your deck is considered a factor that helps players win. However, to come first you need to know how to use this pair at the right time. Do not fight haphazardly because it will not bring the best results.


Above is some information about 3 pairs of pine when playing cards New88 want to send to readers. Hopefully through that you will understand how to play effectively to win. Don’t ignore the tips shared above and apply now!

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