What Is a DIN Rail Power Supply?

What Is a DIN Rail Power Supply?

DIN rail power supply is a switching power supply that regulates an unsteady input voltage. Compared to linear regulated power supplies (transformers), switching power supplies are much more efficient, lighter, and more compact.

The unique characteristic of DIN rail power supply is their mounting type, thus their name. The power supply is attached to a DIN rail, commonly referred to as a top hat rail.

DIN rails are metal mounting rails with a predetermined size standard. Initially, the German Institute of Standardization established these dimensions (DIN). This installation has been accepted as a European (EN) and international (IEC) standard, indicating its global prevalence.

DIN rails are appropriate for the majority of industrial applications worldwide. It is now a standard electrical cabinet, distribution box, and machinery feature. T. The selection of electrical components (power supplies, circuit breakers, relays, industrial PCs, etc.) is almost limitless for this installation.

What Benefits Can The DIN Rail Power Supply Offer?

Power supply for DIN rails that are efficient minimizes operational expenses. With unique switch designs and high-quality components, the DIN rail power supply manufactured by Mornsun reaches conversion efficiencies greater than 95%. High conversion efficiency (in both standby mode and part load range) leads to reduced no-load losses, which minimizes the system’s total heat output.

On the one hand, this reduces energy costs, and on the other, the size of the cooling unit in the application may be reduced, resulting in significant cost savings.

Mornsun DIN Rail Power Supplies are tuned to deliver unmatched conversion efficiencies over the load range.

Power supplies for DIN rails are simple to install and operate. Installing and configuring the DIN power supply from Mornsun is straightforward and rapid. Connect the gadget to the DIN rail and the mains and load.

Connection options such as snap-on and plug-in terminals enable the iPower to be installed in seconds without needing tools. The DIN rail power supply is then instantly operational.

The tiny DIN rail power supply frees up more room in the electrical cabinet. The smaller the gadget can be made, the less heat the power supply creates. Thus, the Mornsun power supply may be deployed in confined systems or compact field control boxes. This raises the potential packing density and may minimize the total system size.

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