What is a slot game – Let’s find out the latest information in 2024

Friends told each other that they won more than 100 million by playing slot machines, but the strange thing is that there are no slot machines in Vietnam. The special thing here is that what young people are playing is online slot games and the convenience is evident in the form of slot machines. Learn about what Slot games are right in the article below!

What is slot game?

What is slot game? Also known as slot games are games available in both five-star casinos and online casinos. The simplest definition of a slot game is a slot machine game with different horizontal and vertical symbols. The player’s job is to choose their favorite slot game, place a bet and wait for the spin. If the result “explodes”, the player wins the bet and converts it into real money.

Slot machines in casinos have a long history like fruit slot machines, or lining up in casinos, players exchange slot machines for real money and can play as much as they want. Similar to online slot games, the screen consists of vertical and horizontal rows, and if the bosses are consecutive they will explode. Slot games are also known as friendly and intimate games with explosive bonuses.

Understanding slot games is just the first step, so calmly go over some of the terms you need to know when playing slot games before you start betting. The general point is that this word is very common in English, so it is better to memorize it so as not to make mistakes.

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Popular types of Slot games today at bookmaker Hi88

I would like to introduce to you the most famous slot games today, which have also been popular on the reputable Trang chủ Hi88 for a long time.

Che zeus

This is Dolphin Slots’ earliest slot game and has become an immortal legend. Zeus Slot is inspired by the gods of ancient Greece, featuring eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay.

Book of Oz – The Wizard of Oz

A popular slot game in European and American casinos. Similar to other games, there are 5 rows and 3 columns. Book of Oz impresses players with its wild, exciting graphics and unique, vivid sound.

Lucky Twins

The game is a symbol of prosperity, and the main image is the Chinese twins. Hopefully it will bring players a lot of wealth. Anyone who has tried it will absolutely love this game.

Chinese Zodiac

Zodiac symbols come to life in Chinese Zodiac slots. 3 rows and 5 columns, special super mode status, making this game the most popular game of the year for Chinese game companies.

Lucky Bull

True to the name Lucky Bull, the game originates from China and brings incredible luck to players. Participate in lucky draws with Lucky Cow and win special prizes instantly.

What are some terms to know when playing slot games?

Below is the answer to the question of what the term Slot Game is:

  • Paylines or Lines: Depending on the slot game, the number of lines varies from 1 line to 100 lines, arranged in straight, horizontal, vertical or zigzag lines.
  • Jackpots: Jackpots in slot machines are similar to jackpots in lotteries. Losing bets are put into the jackpot by the house, so the total will be very large, whoever wins the jackpot will enjoy.
  • Coins: In slot games, the number of credits you use to place bets.
  • Coin size (coin conversion rate to cash for later exchange): Optional.
  • Multiplier (meaning bonus coefficient): This ratio also depends on the slot game and casino, you can multiply it by 2x or 10x, or even more.
  • Free spin (ie free spin): sin88 has different free spin bonus policies depending on time and player account, you can receive dozens of spins and play comfortably. Create an account to know your 100% free bonus.
  • Bonus Games: Play bonus games and you can get free spins or instant bonuses.
  • Wild (customizable, popular): Replace a row of symbol images to form a complete row and win.
  • Scatter (special, rare bonus symbol): Only some popular games have a Scatter feature.


The article has provided players with many useful things about what Slot games are. Join the slot game today at Hi88 and receive great rewards! Let’s build a strong and fun slot game community together.

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