Why light beacons are used in construction

It cannot be denied that working in construction can be a very dangerous occupation and as a boss it is your responsibility to make the construction site as safe as possible. One of the best ways to warn workers and the public of danger is to use light beacons. However, safety is not the only reason to use light beacons onsite and, here, we will look at why they are used in the construction industry.


A major use of light beacons in construction is to warn or caution others of a safety issue or concern. Vehicles like forklifts have amber light beacons that flash when the vehicle is in operation to warn those around the area to be cautious and vigilant. Sometimes on a construction site there is too much noise for audible warnings to be heard so bright light beacons can pull attention to where it is needed. An amber light beacon can also be put outside a doorway to warn that work is underway behind the door, making the area hazardous.


Not only are light beacons used as a cautionary safety warning within a construction area but they are also used to signal a fire warning. Again, an audible alarm alone may not be enough to get the attention of workers, especially those that are wearing hearing protection. So having red light beacons flashing can get workers attention, they can then immediately identify the issue and take the proper precautions. Red is the internationally accepted colour for fire, hence the red fire engines and red fire hose reels we see everywhere.


Another use for light beacons in construction is security. Usually a security light beacon is a blue one that signals when an area has been entered, such as with break-ins. Perhaps the site office holds lots of sensitive information and/or expensive equipment, then a blue light beacon will signal to everyone that there has been a breach. It can also let people know that they have entered a restricted zone and to leave immediately.


Construction sites are bustling areas with danger lurking everywhere but with light beacons signalling out the dangers and issues, the construction site is a safer place. With a combination of light and sound a light beacon can get the attention of workers and others quicker and more efficiently, getting them to safety as fast as possible. The problem is knowing the right fit for your construction business. For the answers on the right colour, correct flashing sequences, strength, power, and mounting light beacons, then contact the experts at RS. With their help and advice, you can get your construction company on top of safety.

The use of light beacons in construction has helped bolster the safety of workers and visitors on the construction site, has increased security, and helped keep construction going. With less accidents, you get more production, and production means money. So, contact RS today about getting light beacons for your construction business and your valued workers.

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