Create A Superior Bathroom with DAYA’s Resin Shower Tray

DAYA is a leading supplier in manufacturing resin shower trays, offering a wide range of innovative bathroom products. When it comes to choosing the right shower tray, DAYA understands the importance of design and quality. Their range of products is carefully crafted under strict quality control and innovative manufacturing techniques. With the resign shower tray, one of the most innovative products in DAYA, a superior bathroom will be created. Here are the reasons why DAYA’s resign shower tray can lighten your bathroom.


DAYA has been dedicated to the innovation and research of products. One area where innovation shines through is in their use of advanced materials. DAYA utilizes high-quality composite materials of resin and mineral fillers that offer exceptional durability and resistance.

Quality Control

Quality control is of utmost importance when it comes to manufacturing resin shower trays. DAYA understands this well and has implemented stringent measures to ensure the highest level of quality in their products. At DAYA, each resin shower tray goes through a rigorous testing process before it leaves the factory, which includes checking for any defects or imperfections, ensuring that only the best products reach their customers.

Certification Guarantee

In addition to internal quality control processes, DAYA also holds various certifications that further validate their commitment to delivering top-notch products. They comply with international standards in the process of production, which demonstrate their adherence to strict quality management systems.


DAYA is a renowned bathroom product supplier offering a wide range of products. They participate in the whole process, from research and development to manufacturing and sales. You can believe that every product they provide will match your needs. The resin shower tray is a perfect solution for bathroom design. With the resin shower tray, you will enjoy a comfortable bathroom environment.

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