Make a DepositNew88 Fast and Effective for Newbies

Make a DepositNew88 Fast and Effective for Newbies

Recharge New88 is one of the first steps to help you get capital to bet at the house. This is one of the important basic operations but also quite simple. Let’s New888 Refer to the detailed trading instructions for new players!

Why should you deposit money?New88?

Recharge New88 is a method to help you get capital to play betting games. Especially, playing gamesNew88 Very reputable, ensuring personal information and transactions are absolutely confidential

Besides, depositing betting money here has the following advantages:

  • New88 is a reputable bookmaker, highly appreciated by many players.
  • Diverse types of top betting games such as: lottery, cockfighting, horse racing, sports betting, casino, slot games, online fish shooting, electronic sports,…
  • The dealer supports information and operations such as depositing money atNew88 takes place 24/7.
  • Diverse simple deposit methods as well as fast transaction speed.
  • This bookmaker’s activities are completely legal and ensure the rights of participants, limiting transaction risks.

Deposit conditionsNew88

Deposit money atNew88 is the first step for house members to participate in betting on game titles at the house. There are many ways for players to transfer money to their game accounts quickly and easily. However, before depositing money, bettors need to pay attention to the conditions recharge New88 as follows:

  • Transact in VND at existing Vietnamese banks.
  • 24/7 deposit support for players who deposit large amounts of bets offline.
  • Minimum deposit 100,000 VND/transaction.
  • Convert deposit value when playing games: 1000 VND equivalent to 1 point
  • There is no limit to the amount of money deposited during the day.

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Implementation methods

New88 Brings convenience to players and provides many deposit methods for players. Below are the methods recharge New88 that you can refer to and apply.

Deposit bets directly at the local bank counter

Way recharge New88 at the local bank counter will include the following simple steps:

Step 1: The player will choose to deposit money at the bank counter/ATM, then choose the bank to deposit money at the house.

Step 2: The system will display the dealer’s bank account informationNew88. The player’s task is to note, or save this account information to make a transfer transaction.

Step 3: After successfully transferring money, you need to write down the content: Deposit amount and proof of money transfer information. The house will then verify the information on the deposit content, if correct, it will be approved successfully.

How to deposit money using QR code

Similarly, when depositing money by scanning a QR code, players need to remember to fill in the following information:

  • Bet deposit amount
  • Payment gateway: Automatic.
  • Bank transfer.

After filling in all the information, click Scan QR Code at the dealer. Immediately, the interface will display the QR code of the house bank. At this point, you will use your phone to scan the code to pay the deposit amount.

Top up with Scratch Card

After choosing the form Recharge New88 With a scratch card, players need to fill in the relevant card information, specifically as follows: card type (Viettel, Mobile, …), scratch card face value, serial number and scratch card code.

After filling in completely and checking the information for accuracy again, click on the Proceed to deposit bet box. Thus, the deposit transaction using Scratch Card will be completed in a short time.

Deposit money via e-wallet

DealerNew88 Currently supporting its members by depositing money via specific e-wallets via Zalo pay, Viettel pay, Momo,..

After choosing the deposit method via e-wallet, players must remember to accurately fill in the e-wallet information they have chosen. The information must match the information the player has provided in the account registration section.

After that, members will quickly receive the house’s e-wallet account informationNew88. At that time, players just need to log in to their e-wallet and transfer money to the house account.

Through electronic banking

If the player wants recharge New88 through e-banking, follow the process shared below:

Step 1: Access and log in to the houseNew88 (or Register an account if you don’t have an account

Step 2: On the screen, click on the $ deposit icon to enter the Deposit interface.

Step 3: The player chooses a specific payment method via electronic banking.

Step 4: Select the bank the player is using to deposit money.

Step 5: Fill in all information such as bank name, branch, account holder name and account number.

Step 6: The betting house confirms the deposit and the player receives points to play the game.

General notes for depositing money New88

Although each method recharge New88 There will be notes for users to consider. However, when depositing money into this house, players must note some general information as follows:

During the deposit or withdrawal processNew88, encounter problems or money has not been returned to the house account for too long. Please contact our customer service staff immediately atNew88 for timely support.

For both online and offline deposit methods, you must save the receipt in case you need to confirm again from the dealer.

Bookie’s bank account casino Online information will continuously change every 24 hours. Therefore, to be sure, you should contact the customer service staff in advance to confirm the correct information.

Note that to avoid scams, players mistakenly access fake links and deposit money, which the house will not be able to resolve.

Above is related information as well as learning about methods recharge New88. Hopefully after this article, players can apply and make transactions easily and quickly.

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