Embrace Sustainability with Ecosource’s Compostable Tableware

At Ecosource, we are committed to helping you embrace sustainability through our high-quality compostable tableware. Here’s why you should choose us as your partner:

Who Ecosource Is

With over three decades of experience, it has been providing eco-friendly products and packaging solutions since 1991. Our dedication to sustainable growth and eco-friendly lifestyles sets us apart. We have expertise in plant-based fibers and bio-based materials, ensuring that our products align with your environmental values.

Manufacture and Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art automated machines allow for customized production, tailored to meet your specific requirements. We have exclusive workshops and production lines dedicated to delivering top-notch compostable tableware. With a strong research and development team and a strict quality control system, we ensure the highest standards in every product we create.

Supply Chain Integration

We have established a stable supply chain that guarantees cost, supply, and quality stability. By actively participating in the futures market, we secure cost advantages, enabling us to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Keep You at the Leading Position

With custom product design and assortment creation, we keep you ahead of the competition. Our market trend analysis enables us to offer innovative offerings that resonate with your target audience. We efficiently integrate the supply chain to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Compostable Film and Bags

Our compostable film and bags are made from bioplastics such as CPLA (Crystallized Polylactic Acid) and PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate). These materials not only reduce plastic usage but also possess energy-saving properties, reducing your carbon footprint. They are steam-resistant, water/grease-repellent, and suitable for both hot and cold foods, making them versatile and practical options.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

By choosing our compostable tableware, you can replace plastics, Styrofoam, and wood pulp with sustainable alternatives. Our CPLA cup lids and cutlery are excellent choices for eco-conscious individuals and businesses.


Ecosource is your reliable partner in embracing sustainability with our compostable tableware. With decades of experience, advanced manufacturing capabilities, integrated supply chains, and a commitment to superior quality control, we deliver customized solutions. Enjoy the benefits of our compostable film and bags, including energy-saving properties and suitability for various food types. Make a positive environmental impact by choosing our eco-friendly alternatives, such as CPLA cup lids and cutlery. Trust Ecosource to keep you ahead of the competition with our market insights, supply chain integration, and unwavering dedication to sustainability. Together, let’s create a better future while ensuring practicality and convenience in your tableware choices.

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