HIKMICRO A50T/A50TN: Advanced Night Vision Scope Attachments

HIKMICRO continues to innovate in the field of thermal imaging with the A50T and A50TN hunting monoculars with night vision scope attachment. These devices are designed to offer high image quality and versatility, making them ideal for both field and forest areas. Featuring advanced technology, the ALPEX series ensures clear and detailed target acquisition even in challenging lighting conditions.

HIKMICRO A50T/A50TN: Perfect for Field and Forest Hunting

Equipped with a 50mm F1.2 lens, the HIKMICRO A50T and A50TN provide a suitable magnification for a wide range of hunting scenarios. The included IR torch enhances visibility, allowing hunters to find clear and detailed targets even in the dark. This makes the ALPEX series a versatile choice for various environments, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the surroundings. These devices function excellently as night vision scope attachment, providing enhanced accuracy and clarity during nocturnal hunts.

Born for Low-Light Hunting

The unique 1/1.8-inch detector and 3D DNR image algorithm in the HIKMICRO A50T/A50TN deliver superior clarity even in low light conditions of 0.001 Lux. This advanced technology ensures that hunters can identify targets clearly, even under a starry sky. The combination of high sensitivity and innovative algorithms makes these monoculars perfect for low-light hunting scenarios, solidifying their role as essential night vision scope attachments.

High Image and Detail Restoration

The HIKMICRO A50T/A50TN are designed to provide high image quality and detail restoration. With a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and a purple fringing correction algorithm, these devices reduce the interference of abnormal noise at the edges of images. This enhancement helps restore image clarity and detail, ensuring that hunters can identify targets accurately from morning to twilight when the human eye struggles to see fine details.

Easy and Customized Hunting Settings

The HIKMICRO A50T/A50TN offer precise and simple zeroing, along with multiple reticle profiles to suit different hunting needs. These customizable settings make it easy for hunters to adapt their monoculars to various conditions and preferences, enhancing their overall hunting experience.


In summary, the HIKMICRO A50T and A50TN hunting monoculars set new standards for low-light hunting. With their advanced imaging technology, high image quality, and versatile features, these devices ensure that hunters can clearly and accurately identify targets in any environment. Choose HIKMICRO to elevate your hunting experience and enjoy unparalleled clarity and reliability in every expedition. As night vision scope attachments, the A50T and A50TN provide exceptional support for hunters seeking precision and detail in low-light conditions.

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