Introducing HIKMICRO CQ35L: Superior Hunting Monocular

In the realm of thermal imaging, HIKMICRO stands at the forefront, delivering exceptional technology and performance. The HIKMICRO CQ35L hunting monocular exemplifies this commitment, offering unmatched image quality and versatility for diverse hunting and observational needs.

HIKMICRO CQ35L: The Ultimate All-Rounder

The HIKMICRO CQ35L hunting monocular is an excellent choice for forest hunters, featuring an impressive 22m field of view and a low basic magnification of 2.0x. Its large 35 mm lens provides outstanding detail depth, making it perfect for field hunters as well. This device’s versatility ensures it caters to both types of hunters, delivering exceptional performance in capturing intricate details in various environments.

Accurate Distance Measurement

For those who require precision in distance measurement, the HIKMICRO CQ35L hunting monocular is unparalleled. Equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder, it allows users to measure distances up to 1,000 meters with an accuracy of ±1 meter. This feature is crucial for ensuring a safe shot, as knowing the exact distance to the game is essential. The CQ35L’s high sensitivity (NETD <20mK) thermal detector further enhances its ability to identify small details in different weather and light conditions.

Outstanding Image Quality: Purpose-Built Algorithms

The CQ35L benefits from HIKMICRO’s self-developed image algorithms, which optimize image quality and bring remarkable detail to the forefront. These algorithms are based on extensive analysis of various hunting scenes and thermal imaging features, ensuring that users receive the best possible visual information during their observations.


In conclusion, the HIKMICRO CQ35L hunting monocular sets new standards for precision and versatility in thermal imaging. It offers exceptional all-round performance for both forest and field hunters, providing accurate distance measurement and superior image quality. For professionals and enthusiasts alike, HIKMICRO delivers unmatched clarity and reliability in every thermal imaging endeavor. Choose HIKMICRO to elevate your thermal imaging experience to new heights.

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