How internet of things is impacting digital market

How internet of things is impacting digital market


The aim of this document is to examines the current state of Digital Marketing subject, identifying what are the key factors and external influence that are continuously disrupting the way to communicate a brand, a product, a service or a single message. The work is composed of three main sections. The first section will briefly analyze the evolution of communication media, from pigment’s paints and papyrus to digital medium that every people use everyday.

The digital revolution affected all the sphere of human behaviour and living style, every single business is affected by the power of this fundamental change. Marketing discipline is not an exception and despite the marketing process is almost the same, the enhanced mediums and levers brought by technological revolution created a sub-discipline of marketing, called “Digital Marketing”.

In this document, I will consider that new levers, such as the search engine market, the display market, email and affiliation programs, up to an analysis of how social media changed people habits and what is a good media mix a company should consider for operating in digital world. I will talk about digital advertising, explaining why it gives to marketers the possibility to create more and more personalized contents for user, being able to drive a message in a more efficient way.

It is possible thanks to algorithms and predictive models made by human to better forecast costumers’ behaviour. I will show a reference framework for creating a 4 predictive model, whose enabler are Big Data. In the document I define Big Data, how to collect them and why they are important for Digital Advertising, in particular for Programmatic advertising.

The final part of first section will discuss about the key metrics to measure the impact of a digital campaign, based on the goals that companies intend to reach. The second section is about Internet of Things(IoT), what it means and how it is shaping digital marketing. Through IoT and Artificial intelligence is possible to mining all new types of data that was quite impossible to collect in the past. The last part of this section examines some security issues which affect IoT innovation.

The third part of the work is about a real case of IoT product made by Samsung. In that section is showed how Samsung combined the concept of digital marketing on an IoT product, a starting point for the development of future ecosystem of smart product able to produce usage data, analyze them and provide personalized content for their users, wherever they are, at the right time, in the right user device

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Since the beginning of our existence, humans have been social creatures, using any means at their disposal to communicate thoughts, ideas, visions, opinions and values to all who would listen. They have used hands and voices to speak and write, paint and shape, mold and design, and in doing it, they have often relied on an intermediary as pigment and papyrus, to transmit thoughts and visions into a physical medium that would store them for later observation, review, or sharing.

1 Communications media have grown in both sophistication and impact over time, inventions such as the printing press, phonograph, magnetic tape recorder, and motion picture let human increase social connection to an exponential level, allowing a single person or group to share their thoughts and vision with millions across the world.

Indeed, it is fair to say that communications media have always played a role in shaping human cultures, although their relative influence has been largely dependent on external geographical and technological factors.

The great religious doctrines, artistic masterpiece, writings, all eventually become iconic treasures recognized and enjoyed all over the world but it often took time, decades, centuries or even millennia in some cases, that because have been dependent on an analog distillation process often controlled by a select group of intermediaries and constrained by the limitations of geographical distance and existing technology to reach their greatest cultural import.

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