How To File A Dog Bite Claim

How To File A Dog Bite Claim? 

Dogs are one of the friendliest, most caring, and loving animals we see around us. They are loyal towards their owners and ensure that they are safe from any threat. However, the sad truth is, some dogs can be hazardous, and their bites can result in severe injuries. 

Many dog owners are unaware that dog bites can lead to legal actions against them, and they might have to compensate the victim for their damages and injuries. If you believe the dog bite was a result of the owner’s negligence, the victim can file a lawsuit against the dog owner with the help of a dog bite attorney Manchester

Procedure to file a dog bite claim. 

Step 1: Determining the person who is liable for the dog bite. 

The victim who gets bitten by a dog needs to prove who is responsible for the bite. Once the liable person is identified for the dog bite, the victim should take their number and address. The lawyer will help the victim in getting compensation and proving the following aspects:

  • One bite rule. 

According to this rule, the person whose dog injures the victim is asked about their dog bite history and asks if the owner is aware that their dog is a threat to society or not. If the dog has a history of bites, the owner must face the consequences. 

  • Strict liability. 

If the victim was in a place where they are allowed to be, and they did not provoke the dog, no matter what happens in such a case, the owner is liable for the bite. 

Step 2: Preparing documents for claiming the compensation. 

Claiming compensation for a dog bite is easier than other personal injury claims. Some of the essential documents have been mentioned below:

  • Medical reports. 

This is the most important document for getting compensation for the dog bite as this will decide how much compensation the victim will get based on their loss and future medical bills.

  • Witnesses. 

If there were any eyewitnesses, take their details, and record their statement regarding the incident. This helps the victim to strengthen their argument. 

  • Take photos of the incident. 

Taking photos of the accident site, your injuries, and damages will help you represent whether the dog is in rage or not and how nasty the wound was after the dog bite.

Step 3: Seek out help from a Dog bite lawyer. 

The lawyer will guide you with all the information and other legal documents, which will help you claim your compensation by making your case strong. The lawyer will help you negotiate with the insurance companies and the dog’s owner to get you a fair settlement. 

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