Real Estate Marketing

How Digital Marketing Has Transformed the Real Estate Market

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is the avenue to making money in the real estate business. Marketing permeates all businesses including the real estate industry. It allows customers to know the real estate salesperson and how to reach them. It allows real estate salespersons to go out and bring customers to them. Marketing can cost a fortune or can cost very little and each can be effective.

It can be extremely time consuming or it can take very little direct time. The best marketing is derived from the mind and the more the mind thinks about marketing, the reality of successful marketing becomes clear. This book is designed to open the reader’s mind to the vast array of marketing for the real estate profession.

Objectives of Book

The first objective of this marketing book is to give the reader numerous avenues to make a great deal of money selling real estate. Readers should evaluate their inner strengths and weaknesses, determine what will work for them, and then do it. Most authors and trainers know less than one of one hundred people will do what is needed to become wealthy.

This book is a guide to doing just that. The book’s second objective is to help the reader meet the requirements of the Real Estate Commission for Salesman’s Annual Education (SAE) credit. It is designed for use in conjunction with 60 classroom hours of core related instruction by a certified trainer using this book. This book concentrates on residential real estate, as most real estate licensed salespeople are residential. If you specialize in commercial, farm and ranch, or other special types of real estate you can still benefit from this book if you convert the thinking just a bit.

Real Estate Marketing & Sales Essentials: Steps for Success

Mike Ferry, a national real estate sales trainer, believes there are three main problems with the real estate industry. Number one is that it is too easy to get into. To become a licensed real estate salesperson you need only pay a couple of hundred dollars, take a class or two, and pass a state test, and congratulations you can sell real estate.

What does it take to become a medical doctor? A LOT more! The second problem with real estate is that it is too easy to get out of. I have had my license for more than fifteen years. What would it take to quit? Nothing, I’d just quit. Try quitting the military after signing up for a six-year stint. The last problem with real estate is that you do not have to do anything while you are in the business.

No one will tell you what to do. No one will be sure you are making money. You can sit home all day watching your favorite soap operas and no one will call. You won’t make any money, either. Real estate offers no upper limit on what you can make and offers no lower limit on how little you can make. It is strictly up to you

My dad was sold a bad bill of goods. He was told that to be a good father and husband he should work with one company until he retired and that company would take care of him and his family. That is a lie. My dad was fired twice in his life, both times because the company he was working for was sold. The new companies brought in new management staffs and each time my dad was let go.

The last time he was in his fifties and could not find another job. I asked him to work with me as my real estate company maintenance man because it broke my heart to know he couldn’t find work to make ends meet. For a man with my dad’s education and will to work, he should have done much better

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Attitude is what we carry with us. It is always there, whether it is good or bad. It should consist of genuine concern. You should convey an attitude of trust and always give others your undivided attention. The good news is that we control our attitudes and we have the power to change our attitudes.

Have you ever been in a good mood when someone comes by and mouths off a couple of negatives? Bam, where did our good mood go? On the other hand, have you ever been down when a friend comes by and with just a smile brightens your day? Notice the words I used, a “friend” and “someone.” Who do you want to be, the “friend” or the “someone”? Watch people, notice which one everyone likes to be around.

Who is always being asked to lunch? Who never speaks up at a meeting and yet is always asked his or her opinion? What is his or her mood? I’ll bet it is not the sourpuss. Look for the opposite; who is outside of the group? Who is avoided? Who is talked about negatively? Is this person the real downer? I’ll bet so

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