What Lengths Should A Mantel Stick Out

What Lengths Should A Mantel Stick Out?

A new mantle should adhere out at least 6th inches from the wall structure. It’s the best depth that permits you to include a mantle successfully deflect heat with no compromising aesthetics. An individual can extend that to have even more depth for your current decorative pieces, although we don’t advise having it significantly less than 6 in.

Apart from the depth, there will be several issues that an individual still needs in order to consider, including the height, width, and even distance from typically the fireplace opening. We will speak about them all in great detail, like some tips on how you can prolong a mantel and even the proper way to be able to attach it to the wall.

Proper Sizes When Installing some sort of Fireplace Mantel

Some sort of fireplace serves as the centerpiece throughout many houses, although what makes that look so significantly better could be the mantel. It adds a persona to the open fireplace that can fit that room that is in, so that it is the best spot that you can entertain the guests.

Yet , some sort of mantle is somewhat more as compared to merely a decorative part; it also inhibits the heat by growing, which may well cause damage to other decorations. However, fireplace mantels usually are created from wood using intricate design capabilities. That’s why it is very essential to decrease its heat coverage from the open fireplace opening. These attractive pieces aren’t affordable, so you will need to have the right dimensions when putting in them.

How Considerably Should a Flames Mantel Stick Out and about?

The regular no subject the height with the room the degree of an open fireplace mantel is 6th inches (15. 24cm), which can be more as compared to enough for the majority of fireplaces. It will certainly help deflect a few of the heat that the particular fireplace produces, avoiding other decorative items over a fireplace from a lot of warmth exposure.

Apart from safety, the height it offers above the open fire creates enough area that you should use it because of a floating rack. You can actually extend it if you would like to have a lot more

room above the particular fireplace, which a few home owners do, specifically those planning in order to put their TV on the mantelpiece.

Exactly how Wide Should the Fireplace Mantel Become?

It’s important as well to consider your own fireplace’s width since you have to make this wider compared to a fireplace, but not a lot that it appears disproportionate to your own fireplace. Balance will be the key in order to ensure that the mantel can offer you along with the right mixture of aesthetics plus protection.

The suggested width for the mantel is six inches (15. 24cm) wider to each side. So, in case your fireplace is thirty six inches (91. 44cm), your mantle must be at least forty eight inches (121. 92cm) wide. Whether a person wants to set up pilasters or not really, you’ll need in order to have the exact same width for your own fireplace mantle.

Exactly how To Properly Affix a Mantel for the Wall

There’s some sort of good number involving fireplace mantels that you just only need to be able to glue for the wall membrane. It’s a fairly easy and hassle-free approach to mount them, but My partner and I wouldn’t recommend that. Aside from devoid of enough stability to the mantle, it presents less protection by heat exposure.

Confidence, looking for buttons and drilling throughout the heat shield may be troublesome, but it is very the best approach to attach some sort of mantle to typically the wall. And in the event that you’re about to put it to use as a space, having better capacity will let you put more attractive pieces on that.


Knowing precisely how far a layer should be noticeable is definitely a crucial step to be able to ensure that an individual will have typically the perfect balance involving aesthetics and safety. But it’s not really the one thing that you should think about when searching for a fireplace mantle.

The size, height, and range from your fireplace are usually also important due to the fact these measurements will even prevent your layer from too much heat exposure that may cause staining. Finally, it’s feasible to extend the particular depth of the mantle, however it nevertheless needs to become proportionate to an additional piece and offers enough carrying capability to act as the shelf.

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