Why Does Owasp top 10 Matter

Why Does Owasp top 10 Matter?

Well, this Open Web Application Security Project got founded in the year 2011 and signifies a leading source for different types of top online security practices.  OWASP classifies itself as a specific community that allows organizations to flourish and even that of reserve applications and apes that are safe against common threats as well as exploits.  

The point is simple, this project, as well as its overall list of Top ten threats, helps companies and businesses keep up with regulatory compliance and fight any sort of unexpected web and any sort of mobile security threats.  Of course, you can also check out Owasp top 10 for your business and know about the threats that may be risky for your business.

What really is the OWASP Top Ten?

The OWASP Top Ten is a kind of standard awareness document for developers as well as web application security. It represents a wide consensus about the most crucial security risks to web apps. This list has been successful because of the fact that it is convenient to understand and master, it aids users prioritize risk, and even that of it is litigable.  Following are a few of the points that will help you know and understand how OWASP works.

Addressing the most crucial threats

This OWASP Top ten concentrates on the most crucial threats, rather than particular susceptibilities. Threats have always signified a more stable measure of risk because these always stay in place and may even offer a framework to ponder about possible attacks as well as vulnerability trends.  Of course, once you are having an understanding of what are the threats that are prevalent, you can take steps to guard your business against them in advance. Also, once you have a clue about the vulnerabilities in the trend, you can work on that too. Hence, you can be sure that your business grows and immensely becomes secure. 

You can keep up with market alterations 

The beat of release at every three years balances the overall speed of change in the application security market to surely generate recommendations so that it does not really reproduce short-term fluctuations. 

Offering technical information 

Other than secure coding, there is a good level of deal of technical information about overall risks and specific countermeasures provided in the realm of this document. All the diverse types of tools and methodologies get designed to be used at each and every stage of software development. 

Fulfilling industry standards

The OWASP Top ten can even be used to show overall progress with time toward industry-standard security and even that of compliance, as well as to organize teams and to legitimize overall security activities.  Remember that there are some other types of lists too that go beyond web application security, such as the OWASP Mobile Top ten and privacy risk projects, as well as a list of passionate controls.

Peep into a few of the OWASP Top Ten web application threats

Here are a few of the threats you should know about:

  • Injection

Injection faults such as SQL, OS, NoSQL, and LDAP may attack any sort of source of data and include attackers sending malicious data to a recipient too. This is quite a common threat in legacy code and may end up in data loss, access compromise and event hat of overall corruption. What can actually help you here is the using a safe type of database API, a database abstraction coat, or even that of a parameterized database interface that finally reduces or simply removes the danger of injection threats.

  • Collapsed authentication 

Now, you know wrongly or even falsely implemented authentication permits attackers the capability to steal passwords, tokens, or event hat of even mimic user identities. This takes place boundlessly because of poorly implemented identity and access controls. Implementing manifold -factor authentication and weak password checks is a good and effective start to aid avert this problem.

However, don’t fall into the trap of enforcing composition rules on passwords (like that of requiring uppercase, even lowercase, numeric and also special characters), as such have served to deteriorate rather than reinforce security.

  • Unbalanced data exposure

In case web applications and apes are not really properly protected, healthcare, financial, or other personally attributable information (PII) data can actually be hijacked or modified and then get used for fraud, identity theft, or other type of criminal activities. Remember that proper controls, even encryption, removal of needless data, and robust type of authentication can help to avert exposure.

  • Security misconfiguration 

Then misconfigurations are the most recurrent and typical web security threats to different organizations. These end up from insecure or that of incomplete delinquency configurations, open cloud storage, or even that of wordy error messages.

It is crucial that you securely configure and patch all your operating systems, libraries, frameworks, and applications, and to follow the right and the best practices suggested by each hardware or that of software vendor, to aid fight security misconfiguration.

  • External entities (XXE) 

Remember that these external entities may impart internal files or be used to carry out internal port scanning, type of remote code execution, and even dodos’ attacks. Though it can be challenging to determine as well as eliminate XXE vulnerabilities, a couple of easy improvements include:

  • Patching all your XML processors,
  • Making sure that there is comprehensive validation of XML input as per a schema 
  • Restricting the overall XML input where possible.
  • Broken access control 

Broken access control characteristically takes place once policies around user access are incompetently enforced. This is something that ends up in attackers exploiting flaws so as to access data and certain functionalities that otherwise are not authorized to access, like:

  • Modifying other users’ information or data 
  • Accessing the account of other users,
  • Seeing sensitive files,
  • Altering access rights.

It is hence recommended that organizations and companies implement and access control that is actually enforced in trusted server-side code; or, even much better, use that of an external API gateway. 


So, since you know much about this Owasp top ten, make sure that you talk to experts like Appsealing and ensure that you secure your systems and working. Once you pay attention to all this, you can be sure that your working and operations are secure.

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